Best 80w90 Gear Oils Reviews Of 2021

One of the indispensable fluids used and crucial for vehicle engines is gear oil or gear lubricant. The performance and longevity of your engine depend critically on this fluid, making the decision of its purchase significantly important for you. Here is the review of the top seven best 80w90 gear oil in today’s automotive market, with some supportive buying tips.

Gear oil contains two basic components – based oil and additives. You are supposed to take care of both the elements if you want a better performing oil for your engine. Both the additives and the base oil play an equally important role in formulating a superior quality oil, making it urgent to look at their constituents.

Choosing the perfect gear oil for your engine can be tricky as you need to take care of so many mechanical issues. All the queries related to the additives’ chemical characteristics and the base oil and the viscosity grade can lead you to utter confusion. That’s why the following list ensures an easy path to your shopping along with answering the necessary questions regarding the fluid.

Top 7 Best 80w90 Gear Oils Review

1. Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil

Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil

Lucas Oil came up with this excellently formulated gear oil in 2004. This 80w- 90 oil is compatible with both race cars and any heavy-duty application where other plain gear oils aren’t good enough.

This gear oil formula is fortified with anti-wear and anti-seize agents and lubricity agents to control wear and drag. The oil is also capable of controlling heat with special additives. Usually, most of the other gear oils don’t have these qualities.

This gear oil from Lucas Oil is excellent for high-performance and heavy-duty applications. It is great for less power usage and longer bearing life. The special “climbing additives” in the oil are essential in power dividers and hypoid gears. It resists breakdown from contact with water.


  • Universal fit.
  • Special lubricity agents for less wear, less heat.
  • Improved high-speed shock load to protect gear components.


  • Doesn’t have any anti-slip additives.

2. Mobilube HD Plus 80w 90 Gear Oil

Mobilube’s HD Plus 80W 90 gear oil is a high-duty, high-performance lubricant formulated from high-performance base oils and an additive system. These lubricants are engineered for automotive applications, including heavy-duty axles and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loading are expected.

ExxonMobil recommends them for applications where API GL-5 service is required. The oil is recommended to be used in passenger cars, highway lights and heavy-duty trucks, and commercial vehicles. It is also suitable for off-highway industries like agriculture, construction, and mining.

The customers love the lubricant for its excellent ability of rust and corrosion protection. The oil is compatible with typical automatic seals and gaskets.


  • Extended gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits.
  • Reduced maintenance cost and longer equipment life.
  • Exceptional thermal stability and resistance to high-temperature oxidation.


  • Faulty and poor packing process creating difficulties for customers who order online.

3. Sta-Lube GL – 5 Plus New Generation Limited Slip Gear Oil

This gear oil from Sta-Lube comes with features like excellent power for differentials operating under high speed, low torque, and low speed; high torque conditions. The liquid is of dark amber color and comes in a one-gallon container.

The users love the oil for its price value and its feature of making no noise when getting turned. This is an automatic gear lubricant. One of the best things about this gear oil is SAE, military, and commercial specifications.

The automobile brands and products equivalent to this gear oil 80w-90 are Ford M2C197A, Chrysler MS9020, Mack GO-H, G, & F. This gear lubricant is used fill up or top off manual transmissions, hypoid type differentials, limited-slip/ twin grip, etc.


  • This gallon of gear lubricant is a very Budget-friendly choice for customers.
  • This is the multipurpose gear oil.
  • It can tolerate an extreme level of pressure.


  • It is not a universal fit and is not compatible with some of the models from renowned brands.

4. Genuine Ford Fluid Premium Rear Axle Lubricant

This gear oil from Genuine Ford Premium is one of the highest-rated and loved lubricants of the automotive market. It is a multi-purpose extreme pressure lubricant recommended by legendary brand Ford Motor Company.

Motorcraft SAE 80W90 Premium Rear Axle Lubricant is manufactured using premium quality hyper-processed base oil and performance additives to provide thermal and oxidative stability and protection against gear wear, rust, and corrosion.


  • Uses superior quality base oil and performance additives.
  • Enhanced wear protection for hypoid gears.
  • Excellent sheer stability.


  • It is not a universal fit.

5. Maxima 43901 80W90 Premium Gear Oil

This premium gear oil from Maxima is specifically formulated for use in motorcycles and AVs. The formulation of this lubricant is a robust, shear-stable formulation and is designed for transmissions without wet – clutches. It is compatible with differentials without hypoid gears and shaft – drives.

As users, we can assure you that the proprietary shape combines the finest mineral base stocks with industry-leading additives. These additives are specially designed with their anti-wear and extreme pressure qualities. They ensure hardware protection as well as smooth shifting.

This lubricant exceeds the requirements for API GL – 5. You can use it on all motorcycles with the help of different clutch or transmission fluids.  Its users for smooth application love the fluid.


  • High-performance petroleum gear oil.
  • Special high shear strength polymers to ensure lasting safety on all gear surfaces.
  • Loved for its price value.


  • Not compatible with all types of vehicles.

6. Castrol Axle Limited Slip Gear Oil 80W90

For several car and transmission manufacturers, this axle limited slip gear oil from Castrol is considered the first choice. It ensures the reduction of the chance of handling issues as well as expensive repair bills.

Castrol Axle Limited Slip 80W-90 Gear Oil is a multi-grade gear lubricant that provides excellent performance. This oil is suggested to be used for service fill of conventional and limited-slip differentials in passenger cars, motorcycles, and light trucks.

This lubricant from the famous house of Castrol is a breakthrough in lubrication technology. It ensures protection, durability, and performance that far surpass the traditional GL – 5, and MT – 1 gear oils. The oil covers hypoid gear service. It is recommended for applications calling for Ford ESP-M2C154-A and GM 9985290.

The users rated it as a “great product” and “great oil” and loved it specifically for its smooth shifting. They consider it to be the best “anti synthetic” gear oil ever manufactured.


  • Multi-grade gear lubricant that promises superior performance in manual transmissions and differentials.
  • Great price value.
  • Exceeds API Service GL-5 lubricant for extreme pressure conditions.


  • Anti synthetic casing risk of sludge.

7. Quicksilver Premium Gear Lube

Considered to be one of the bests in the current automotive market, this lubricant from QuickSilver is formulated especially for marine engines. This oil comes from the company, which is renowned as a marine engine manufacturer. It is formulated by the engineers to be used for outboard applications below 75 HP.

Even in the presence of water, this gear oil is extremely protective against excessive wear. The specially formulated additives of the lubricant provide safety to gears from metal to metal contact. It is formulated exclusively to help better film adhesion to gears.

The oil is designed for sterndrive and outboard applications. The Quicksilver engineers formulated the products to match Mercury marine’s stringent original equipment manufacturer performance specifications.


  • It prevents corrosion and pitting.
  • Extends gear life.
  • Prevents damage to internal components.


  • It can be used only for 75 HP or below.

Best 80w90 Gear Oil Buying Guide

Gear oil is crucial in many ways for your vehicle. From helping in a smooth run to taking care of internal components, gear oil plays a too important role to give you any chance for a careless purchase. To ensure a smart buy of this lubricant, you need to take care of some necessary matters that we have made a list of with our review of the top seven best gear oils for 80W90.


Undoubtedly, the right amount of viscosity is the primary concern before buying your vehicle’s lubricant. Viscosity determines the film thickness between interacting surfaces. Usually, the maintenance manual always mentions viscosity grade.

Usually, the grade is decided by SAE or the Society of Automotive Engineers. The viscosity grade consists of two numbers, like – 80W90, 10W40, etc. Anticipated cold start, peak, and operating temperatures, etc., are the things to review before selecting the right viscosity grade.

You also may want to check the anticipated stabilized bulk oil operating temperature range. Highly viscous lubricants increase the amount of heat and consume more power. Less viscous oils minimize the chance of increasing temperature or damaging parts.

Right Kind of Additives:

You also need to be careful when checking the additives of the gear lubricant for selection purposes. The additives having the quality of being anti-wear and “extra pressure” are considered more effective than the others.

Traditionally, additives are supposed to contain dithiocarbamate derivatives and sulfur-treated organic compounds or sulfurized hydrocarbons. The scale of their presence in oil usually ranges from .1 to 30 percent of the oil volume.

So before purchasing the bottle of gear oil, go through all of these details related to the additives.


The durability of the lubricant is important to withstand the harsh environment of extra-pressure uses. The lubricants, which are formulated to be highly durable, help the smooth operation of the gears. They also keep the equipment investment safe by ensuring decreasing downtimes and lowering maintenance costs.

Base Oil:

The superior quality of base oil is important for the smooth performance of applications with high operating temperatures. Usually, synthetic base oils are considered to be better in most situations. Synthetic base oils perform supremely because of their higher resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation.

How to Change Gear Oil? (Video)

FAQs About 80w90 Gear Oil

Q: What are the signs of bad gear lubricant?

Answer – If the differential oil or gear oil in your engine has gotten polluted or unclean, then some specific symptoms will let you know that. For example, the bad smell of oil coming from the differential, strange noises, and vibrations. Because of overheating of the gearbox, a burning smell originates from there.

Q: How does gear oil help my engine?

Answer – The primary role of gear oil is to help the transmission run smoothly and protect crucial internal machine parts. This fluid fight any contamination which might enter into your engine’s system. That’s why you need to check on the deductibility of the fluid before purchase.

Q: What are the differences between gear oil and engine oil?

Answer – Gear oil is specially formulated to lubricate transmissions, differentials, while engine oil is needed to lubricate the other parts of the engine like bearings, fuel pumps, etc.

Q: What is the role played by additives in the formulation of gear oil?

Answer – Additives usually play the role of corrosion and rust inhibitors, oxidation inhibitors, anti-foam agents, and wear inhibitors. To protect the engine from harsh and extreme environments and pressure additives play a key role.

Final Words

Apart from following your maintenance manual, several factors are there that you need to consider before purchasing gear lubricants for your engine. Here we are pointing out the merits and demerits of the popular items in the USA market to make your decision easier.

So, we hope our review of the best 80w90gear oil satisfies your urge to know the basics of gear oil necessary for a smart buy. Happy shopping and happy driving!

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