The Best Conventional Motor Oil Of 2021 (Reviews)


When you decide to get the best engine oil for your car, it might lead to perplexity. Even more, confusion is caused when you purchase the best conventional motor oil for your vehicle.

A good quality engine oil allows your engine to operate properly and efficiently. It keeps the engine of your vehicle lubricated. Good quality oil protects your engine from any rust and corrosion, which can hamper its performance in the long run.

Primarily engine oils fall under two categories: conventional motor oils referred to as “natural” motor oil or synthetic engine oil.

Whether you choose to go with conventional motor oil or synthetic motor oil, they both contain various additives that help improve the oil’s functionality and reduce the wear and tear of your car’s engine.

This article will provide you with detailed information on conventional oil and reviews. We will let you know what conventional motor oil is and some of the top brands manufacturing it to serve you well.

We will also provide you with the factors that you need to consider before buying new conventional oil for your vehicle. Let’s proceed.

What Exactly is Conventional Motor Oil?

A conventional motor oil basically works as a lubricant that gets derived directly from crude oil. Conventional oil has the capability to provide a great degree of lubrication even at higher temperatures.

It also maintains its stability over long periods of time. Being the default motor oil, conventional motor oil is used while doing oil changes.

Conventional motor oil can serve you in the best manner if you have late model cars characterized by having low mileage. As compared to standard synthetic motor oil, the additives present in conventional motor oil are of lower quality.

Top 10 Best Conventional Motor Oil in 2020

Out of the numerous brands that manufacture conventional motor oils, we have made a list of the top 10 brands that can cater to your engine’s requirements.

This conventional motor oil not only increases the working life of your vehicle’s engine but also provides resistance against any corrosion that can hamper the engine’s performance.

1. AmazonBasics Conventional Motor Oil

This engine oil helps to subject your engine to less wear and exertion due to its ability to reduce friction. It also helps in reducing exhaust emissions.

As you must be knowing that rust and corrosion can degrade the working capability of your motor. By using this motor oil, certain build-ups that can contribute to rust and corrosion are easily avoided.

The AmazonBasics conventional motor oil keeps your vehicle’s engine protected and lubricated. It is an appropriate choice for your motorbikes, cars, jeeps, and other motorized vehicles.

It has been approved by API SN and ILSAC GF-5 and provides your engine with great quality and convenience.

This motor oil provides your engine with resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown. It also aids in fighting against volatility burn-off and thereby reduces engine deposits and exhaust emissions.

2. Castrol 03093 GTX 10W-30 Motor Oil

The unique feature of this engine oil is that it simply helps extend your engine’s life due to the presence of premium quality base oils and anti-wear additives present in it.

With the use of this oil, the overall oil consumption of your vehicle gets minimized. This engine oil also provides your engine with great protection against thermal breakdown.

The build-up of sludge takes place owing to severe driving conditions. Engine sludge is undoubtedly something that can degrade the quality of your engine’s performance.

It blocks the vital oilways of your engine, and in the long run, sludge build-up can rob the engine’s power and decrease its life.

With the use of this oil, your engine gets protection against engine sludge. It also aids in cleaning up old sludge. When it comes to high mileage auto engines, this oil serves to be of great use.

3. Valvoline Daily Protection SAE Conventional Oil

This engine oil is specially formulated for the engine’s full life, and it is available in both multi-viscosity and mono-grade formulations.

This oil’s multi-viscosity formulation protects your engine in all climates, whereas this oil’s mono-grade formulation makes your engine effective in warmer conditions.

All the Valvoline oils are formulated with advanced additives to provide your vehicle’s engine with year-round engine protection. Advanced additives in this oil aids in providing resistance against motor oil breakdown in tough conditions.

The extra wear protection feature of this oil prevents the engine from getting old and obsolete. This engine oil meets the API SN plus classification and thereby protects your engine from low-speed pre-ignition.

4. Quaker State Advanced Durability 5W-30 Oil

This motor oil helps keep your engine protected against any corrosion that can hamper your engine’s workability.

This oil contains acid neutralizing additives that stop combustion acids from corroding your engine. This motor oil provides your engine with a great degree of advanced durability.

Whether it is the case of sustained high-speed highway operation or the case of repetitive stop-and-go traffic, this engine oil helps to survive daily commutes.

To provide your engine with an optimal protection level, this engine oil helps maintain viscosity grade from start to finish.

It also provides your engine with protection against corrosion that gets caused due to acids generated by contaminants of the engine.

This oil is formulated accordingly to meet the fuel economy requirements of the GF-5 industry standard. With the use of this oil, the engine delivers reliable and tough performance over the distance.

5. Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection Engine Oil

This engine oil is one of the most technically advanced Shell Rotella formulations ever.

It is a 15W-40 motor oil that uses advanced additive technology, which helps protect the engine under the most severe engine conditions found in older, hard-working diesel engines and modern low-emission engines.

It aids in sustaining emissions control system durability in which diesel particulate filters and after-treatment systems are used.

It also provides enhanced protection against viscosity loss due to shear and improved oil aeration compared to the previous formulations.

This engine oil provides your engine with triple protection from wear, deposits as well as oil breakdown.

If your vehicle has a heavy-duty engine, the Shell Rotella T4 diesel engine oil can provide it with a great degree of protection along with longer life.

With its advanced additive technology, this engine oil ensures superior engine cleanliness throughout the oil drain interval.

This oil aids in providing a greater level of stability, thereby promoting better viscosity control and optimal engine oil pressure.

It also helps in heightening the emission control system’s durability and improving oil aeration.

To ensure efficient operation of your engine, this engine provides enhanced protection against oil oxidation.

6. Mobil 1 High Mileage 5W-30 Motor Oil

If you want to maximize your vehicle’s engine’s performance and efficiency, this motor oil can provide you with the best bang for your bucks.

It aids in maximizing the performance of your engine and extends the engine life of vehicles that have covered more than 75,000 miles.

This motor oil provides your vehicle’s engine with great lubrication as well as wear protection. It is capable enough to outperform the conventional high mileage oils.

When it comes to higher mileage engines, this oil can aid in protecting the critical engine parts.

This oil reduces the amount of sludge and deposits that are left behind with conventional oils. It also helps in preventing any leakage.

7. Formula Shell Conventional 10W-40 Motor Oil

The Formula Shell conventional motor oil exhibits a great degree of compatibility with conventional and synthetic oils.

This motor oil aids in providing your vehicle’s engine protection from excessively high temperatures.

It also protects your vehicle’s engine from harmful deposits and acids that can hamper your engine’s performance. As a result, your engine tends to have a long-lasting life.

You can use this motor oil at any time of your engine’s life-cycle. It is completely compatible with conventional engine oils.

It provides your vehicle with an improved level of fuel economy. When it comes to modern engines, this motor oil also protects your engine and improves its performance.

8. Pennzoil 550045213 5 Quart Motor Oil

Using this motor oil in the 1st oil change ensures that 40% of sludge deposited on your engine gets cleaned up. Sludge and other deposits that can have a negative impact on the proper working of your vehicle’s engine are prevented with the use of this motor oil.

This engine oil works by simply lifting sludge and other harmful deposits off your engine’s surface by dissolving them safely into the oil.

Even oxidation and deposits caused owing to high temperatures are avoided with the use of this motor oil. As compared to the gf-4, this engine oil provides enhanced emission system protection.

9. STP 5w30 pro Formula Motor Oil

The scientifically advanced formulation of this motor oil aids in providing proper insulation to your engine against the detrimental effects of wear and tear.

With this motor oil, the amount of wearing that might occur in an engine can get reduced drastically. It also aids in the maintenance of fuel economy.

This pack features a wider and easy-to-pour spout which makes its usage much easier. With the use of this engine oil, not only the engine’s key components get cleaned, but at the same time, sludge formation is also controlled to a large extent.

This motor oil ensures that your engine remains protected from any harmful effects that can get caused due to corrosion and oxidation. This engine oil meets or even exceeds the requirements of ILSAC GF-5, API SN, and all the other previous API standards.

10. Havoline 5W-30 Motor Oil

The Havoline motor oil is formulated with Deposit Shield Technology that helps deliver value through a great degree of anti-wear protection and protection against thermal breaking. This engine oil aids in cleaning up the engine too.

The prime feature of this engine oil is that it is formulated with good quality base stocks. It also contains detergent, antioxidant, corrosion inhibitor, foam suppressant additives, wear control, and a dispersant.

A high level of dispersant in Havoline Motor Oils protects your vehicle’s engine from any sludge and deposit formation in stop-and-go driving as well as sustained with the high-temperature operation. This engine oil also provides resistance against corrosion.

With its high-temperature oxidation stability, increased viscosity, and oil getting gelled in the crankcase gets prevented. To ensure that your vehicle’s engine performs smoothly, this oil keeps your PCV systems clean.

What factors are needed to be considered while buying the best conventional motor oil?

When you choose to buy the best conventional motor oil for your engine, there are certain factors that you need to consider so that you get the best value for the price you are paying. Let’s have a look at those factors.

Additives: All the brands of conventional motor oils present in today’s market scenario differ based on additives in them. Usually, most of them are characterized by anti-foaming agents, viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, dispersants, detergents, and corrosion inhibitors. It would help if you made a fair decision regarding which amongst the above-mentioned additives will be suitable for your needs and requirements.

The Driving That You Prefer: If you drive a sports car or your work basically involves towing or carrying heavy loads around, you must choose to go with engine oil that has a higher-quality. Such kinds of motor oils are specifically formulated for such tasks. A full synthetic oil is a suitable option for engines that take up more stress while working.

Compatibility: If you choose to top off conventional oil with synthetic oil, it will not harm your vehicle’s engine in any manner. It dilutes up the synthetic properties, which leads to the reduction of the benefits.

You must be well aware and informed about the needs and requirements of your vehicle’s engine. Conventional oil works well with older vehicles in some cases. Modern vehicles, on the other hand, work well with synthetic oil.

Different Between Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil And How it Works? (Video)

Conclusion: And that’s all!!! We are pretty sure that by now you must have got a detailed idea about the best conventional motor oils. The next time you will be going for your vehicle’s oil change, it won’t be confusing for you to understand the various technicalities.

So what exactly is the best conventional oil for your vehicle? To get the perfect answer to this question, you would be required to check your car’s manual. Recommendations like such are always mentioned there. Apart from that, you must also consider the mileage and usage of your vehicle.

If you have any further queries about the best motor oil, do let us know about them. We will surely be providing you with answers to clarify your doubts and queries. Also, don’t forget to mention your valuable feedback on this article. We highly value it till next time.

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