The Best Static Pressure Fans in 2021 (Reviews)

If you are looking for something to keep your PC case, CPU, or radiator cooling, you’ll have to pick up the Best Static Pressure Fans. A static pressure fan pushes air with a great force to a common direction. The airflow keeps things cool. These types of fans are suitable for working efficiently in a restricted place. So, for your PC or radiator, these fans are really great choice.

Normally, these cooling fans are designed and manufactured to ensure airflow properly by keeping the noise and vibration down. The reason is, while working on the computer, you need to have a good concentration. High noise may break concentration easily.

Many static pressure fans are available in the market. As a result, choosing one is really a tough task. But, here you’ll find some words on some top cooling fans that you’ll find in the market. This will help you to know about those and pick up the one that can serve you properly.

With ten bets static pressure fans reviews, you’ll also get a buying guide that’ll guide you to choose the most suitable one for your task. So, let’s know some of the best performing static pressure fans available in the market.

Top 3 Best Static Pressure Fans 140mm

1. Corsair HD140 RGB LED 140mm Pressure Fans

This high-performance 3-piece fan set from Corsair ensures quality as well as looks great at the same time. It comes with RGB LED lighting to ensure that it looks great. Also, it is designed to perform better than regular static pressure fans available in the market.

The blades of this fan are made to be ultra-thin. As a result, the noise is not so high to feel uncomfortable in the human ear. The nine-blade design ensures the maximum performance from the blades. You have control over the PWM, and the range is 800 to 1725 PWM. It ensures excellent airflow and high static pressure. You’ll find RGB LEDs set on the frames of the fan. You can control the colors, effects, and modes of those.

You can choose any color from White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. The effect speed can also be chosen from High, Medium, and Low. You can also control the modes and choose one from Static, Breathing, Pulse, and Breathing + Pulse. If you want to sum these all up in a few words, this fan set keeps your CPU cool with its hot look and performance.

2. Thermaltake 140mm Pure High Airflow Case Fan

This 120 mm cooling fan from Thermaltake can be a good choice for you if you are looking for something quiet and powerful enough for handling moderate cooling tasks. You can use this fan for CPU cooling, power supply cooling, and similar tasks.

From this fan, you can expect an airflow of almost 41 CFM. This airflow is ensured by keeping the noise as low as only 19.5 decibels. The nine-blade design of this fan gets the most credit for this.

The bearing of this fan also gets some credit for keeping the noise low. It is designed to run for a long time without creating problems as well as noise. As a result, it ensures reliability, quietness, and durability. This fan is easy to install. The 12 LED lights ensure a red look at the time of use.

Thus it looks really hot when in use. Overall speaking, this high airflow case fan is a real deal in case of durability and quietness.

3. be quiet! Silent Wings 140mm High-Speed Cooling Fan

The name says it all. Be Quiet has produced this fan for being quiet as much as possible. But they have focused on ensuring the quality too. This fan ensures up to 1600 rpm speed. While ensuring this speed, it produces only 28.1 decibel sound. Thus it ensures a quiet workplace while keeping it enough cool for uninterrupted work.

To run this fan, a 6-pole fan motor with 3 phases is used. This motor keeps the consumption of electricity very low. But that doesn’t affect the power it offers. The motor also keeps the vibration low. There are removable vibration absorbers in each corner, which don’t let the vibration transmission to the case or where the fan is installed. Thus, you won’t find any noise produced by vibration.

The rubberized fan frame coming with a funnel-shaped air inlet, ensures maximum air pressure. Thus you get the most out of it. Overall speaking, this cooling fan is designed to be quiet and ensure maximum performance. It is also durable enough to serve you for a long time

Top 7 Best Static Pressure Fans 120mm

1. Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM Static Pressure Fans

Coming from Noctua, this cooling fan offers great performance and maximum quality. This square shape cooling fan comes in 120mm*120mm*25mm dimension, making it compact and fit for sitting in any place.

The nine-blade design is specially designed to ensure that it is perfect for high-impedance applications. These best static pressure fans 120mm is specially designed to be quiet and stable for a long time. For this, it comes with the technology of hydrodynamic bearing with an additional magnet. As a result, the rotor axis remains stable.

For keeping it really quiet, the Vortex-control Notch style is applied to the fan. This design spreads the noise over a wide range of frequencies. As a result, the noise emits from this fan doesn’t feel too painful for human ears. You can use anti-vibration pads from Noctua with this fan. Those will help you to get better performance out of it.

For ensuring high performance, this fan offers a maximum speed of 1700 rpm. Thus you can depend on it for using where high efficiency is needed, for example- radiator cooling or CPU cooling. Overall speaking, this fan is a great example of a perfect balance of performance, quality, and quietness. So, you can depend on it.

2. ARCTIC F12 PWM Fluid Dynamic Bearing Case Fan

Arctic offers this fan for those who want optimum airflow with a low noise level. It comes with an innovative design that guarantees a high-performance level by keeping the noise as low as possible.

The fan blades are designed so that these work most efficiently to maximize the airflow and minimize the noise. Thus this fan makes sure that you are getting what you are expecting and that it is not ruining your work by creating a boring sound.

This fan comes with a fluid dynamic bearing. It ensures the steady running of the fan for a long time. To make it more secure, it comes with an oil capsule. It prevents lubricant leakage and keeps the fan running for a longer time.

The fan ensures 53 CFM airflow with its maximum speed of 1350 rpm. You won’t have control over its speed. You can install it on both sides. This scope of two-way installation allows you to draw cool air in the case or blow warm air out of the case. Overall speaking, this fan is a good combination of performance and quietness. So, you can think of it.

3. Pccooler PC-M120B LED 120mm Computer Case Fan

This computer case fan from Pccooler has a wide range of characteristics that have made it a great piece of the fan for keeping your PC case, CPU, or radiator cool. With its blue light beam around it, this fan looks really cool. Besides, it works efficiently to keep your CPU, PC case of Radiator cool. The blue light comes from evenly distributed 33 pcs corona blue LED lamp beads.

This fan comes in such a design that has made it efficient as a cooling fan. For proper heat dissipation, it comes in a diversion design. The nine blades structure has improved the diversion effect. To make sure it runs longer, the hydraulic bearing design has been implemented. The hydraulic bearing reduces noise/oil overflow and increases the life span of the fan.

There are 2 shock-absorbing silicone pads in each corner of the fan. The pads keep the fan stable and prevent the noise produced by vibration. Noise is also reduced by the hydraulic bearing and design of the blades. As a result, you’ll receive a noise-free environment while working. Overall speaking, this fan is a complete package of durability, efficiency, and cool look. So, you can go for it.

4. upHere Wireless RGB LED 120mm Case Fan

If you are looking for something that will efficiently focus on cooling your PC case or CPU and at the same time look great, this one from upHere might be one of the best choices for you. These fans of this set are designed and manufactured to ensure high airflow to keep it cool. It’s a good deal.

These fans ensure around 1100 rpm speed while producing such low noise as 17.6 decibels. Coming with around 40,000 hours of lifetime, these fans will keep you tension-free for at least 3 years. Hydraulic bearing is used to manufacture this fan. As a result, it is super quiet yet super-efficient while keeping your CPU cool.

These RGB fans come with LED rings which make the color look great. You’ll find unlimited color transformation visible from any side. As a result, your PC will look great.

An RGB controller comes with this package which can support up to 8 fans of this kind. You’ll also get an RGB remote control to control the colors, modes, and speed. Overall speaking, this fan set is great for bringing an attractive look. Besides, it works great too.

5. 120mm RGB Computer PC Case Fan

Coming from PANO-MOUNTS, this RGB case fan set is great to ensure a bright and colorful look of your CPU and keeping, is cool. You can use it for a water-cooled radiator, CPU radiator, etc. These fans ensure around 1200 rpm speed to ensure that these are serving the purpose properly for which you are using these.

The 12 pcs bright LED lights create magnificent and charming visual effects on both sides’ front and back. You’ll find more than 300 lighting effects and a dynamic show of lights.

The light colors change automatically. You won’t get a remote to control that. Besides charming lighting effects, this fan ensures quietness too. It has become possible because of the rubber pads provided for each corner.

The fans come with Fluid Dynamic Bearings that are designed with an oil capsule. The oil capsule prevents lubricant leakage and thus enhances the durability of the fans. Also, it helps to reduce the noise produced while the fan is running. Overall speaking, this cool-looking fan set can serve your purpose very well. So, you can keep it on your list.

6. Phanteks PH-F140SP BBK 1200RPM Case/Radiator Fan

This one from Phanteks is designed for ensuring maximum performance while producing low noise and vibration. A few steps are taken while designing this fan to make sure that it keeps the workplace quiet while keeping the PC case or radiator cool. Also, to make sure the fan’s structural strength is good enough, the back frame of this fan has been redesigned.

This fan comes with a magnetic brushless DC motor installed on a large base. Thus it ensures rotational stability and reduces the effect of vibrations. The UFB bearing system is installed in it, which ensures an effective hub-tip ratio. Thus it keeps the air and vibration noise low.

A few more steps are taken to keep the noise low when designing and manufacturing this fan. To keep the actuator noise low, the components are modified. For lower electromagnetic noise, the PCBA system is used. And last, the frame rib keeps the air and vibration noise low. And as a result of all these measures, the fan produces only 19-decibel noise.

The nine high MVB blades generate a focused, controlled wind at around 1200 RPM speed to ensure that it is serving your needs properly. Also, you’ll find 8 rubber pads (2 in each corner) that make sure that most of the vibrations are absorbed.

Overall speaking, this cooling fan can be a great choice if you look for something made for the hushed operation.

7. Rosewill RGB 2-Pack 120mm Case Fans with Remote Contro

If you are looking for something that’ll ensure a charming look besides keeping it cool, going for this fan is never a bad decision. This cooling fan set of 2 fans, 8-port RGB fan hub, and 17-key remote control offers you quietness, charming look, and great cooling service.

As a result, for your PC case, this might be a great choice. This fan ensures up to1200 RPM speed and produces 41.9 CFM airflow. The noise level is also lower than many other fans, only 23.1 decibels. This fan is designed for serving 30,000 hours at least.

The 8 port RGB hub allows you to add more Rosewill RGB fans if you need them. The fans come with a précised LED setup that ensures smooth RGB effects when installed. The 120mm fans are great to fit in any regular computer case.

With the 17-key remote control help, you can control the RGB light show and choose between 8 single colors and 4 pre-programmed color blends. You can also control the brightness and cycle adjustment. Overall speaking, this package is a good combination of performance and color. So, you can pick this up.

How to Chooses a Good Static Pressure Fan

There are a few things that you must look at while buying a static pressure fan. Those are illustrated below-

Size And Shape: The fan matters because fans of different sizes are suitable for different types of operation. For example, a Best Static Pressure Fans 140mm or 120mm fan is most suitable for radiator cooling or CPU cooling. On the other hand, smaller fans are for the router or other small applications.

Also, shape matters. It depends on the application. Before choosing a fan, make sure that you know the size and shape that will be a good fit.

Noise level: It is another important thing when it is about the best cooling fan. If the fan produces noise that constantly disturbs you, you can’t concentrate on your task. On the other hand, a quiet fan allows you to perform your tasks without losing your concentration. As a result, you’ll get a good result.

So, when you are buying a cooling fan, make sure that you choose one that produces low sound.

RPM Speed: RPM refers to the number of spins a fan does per minute. This is also very important because high RPM ensures more airflow. So, if your CPU or radiator tends to be hot quickly, you need a fan with high RPM. On the other hand, for computers that perform basic or mid-level functions, a fan with low RPM is enough.

But, fans with high RPM tend to produce high noise. So, you’ll have to keep this in mind too. Try to find out a fan that produces as low as possible noise while ensuring your expected RPM.

RBG or Not?: Fans that come with RGB lights look attractive while working. So, you can go for it. But if the RGB fan doesn’t have good performance in other criteria, you should avoid it. The main purpose of the fan is to keep it cool, not make it look cool.

If you see that the RGB fan meets all your criteria, you can go for it. That you’ll keep things cool as well as make those look cool.

Some other things also matter. For example- expert opinion, user reviews, cost, accessories, additional values, etc. Give yourself some time to check some options and find out which one performs better than all. If you do so, you’ll end up having the best cooling fan.

Final Verdict: Now you know about some cool cooling fans and exactly what you should consider while you will buy one for yourself, right?

So, go for it. Take some time, do some research, do some studies. And you’ll be able to get the best one.

But, if you are in a hurry, compare the above 10 fans and choose the best one for you. All of the fans above are outstanding performers. So, you can buy one without any hesitation.

Also, let us know your experience with your last Best Static Pressure Fans. Cheers.

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